Why I Wrote a Memoir

Why I Wrote a Memoir

This winter, my memoir, From Turmoil to Triumph, will be released by Gus the Bus Press. I’m super-excited and a little nervous. But mainly, I’m really grateful to be able to share some hard-earned experience that could be helpful to others. This book is dedicated to my family - my wife Raven, my daughter Zoe, and my grandparents, who I call Ma and Pa. And it’s intended for three main groups of people.

I wrote it for entrepreneurs like me. Maybe that’s you. I want you to know that if you have a solid idea and a strong work ethic, you can make your vision a reality. I came from no business training, but I always had a knack for it. (My family told me early on, “You have a silver tongue and you can sell anybody anything.”) I didn’t have a business degree. I didn’t have formal training. I didn’t have a big investor. I didn’t have a whole lot of money. What I did have was a really strong work ethic and a desire to succeed. I wanted to build a business that I could work, that would support my family, that would make the world a better place for people. It became a reality.

I also wrote it for people who suffer chronic anxiety, like me. Maybe that’s you. I want to know that you are not alone. And even though we may never completely be free of it, we can rise above it and find new ways of being at peace in ourselves and the world. We can learn to take care of ourselves, to advocate for our mental health. We can find what works best for our particular mindset, and we can learn to be resilient and ride the ebbs and flows of chronic anxiety.

Finally, I wrote it for the 20-year-old whose life is not going so hot, like mine once was. Maybe that’s you. It could be addiction, or crime, or a series of bad choices you just can’t get past. I was stuck in a lifestyle I knew wasn’t me, but I kept going with it, kept making those bad choices and hurting people. Yet my life turned around. I learned to channel my drive in a new direction, a healthy direction. It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually, my life started going on an upward trajectory that today actually helps people and creates more good than harm in the world. If you’re like I once was, your life can turn around, too.

Today, my main goal in life is to help others – which is why I wrote From Turmoil to Triumph. I share the good, the bad, and the ugly. A lot of it is not flattering. But if it can change someone else’s life, it’s worth it.  

Check back for official pub date, how to order a copy, and where to see me read in person.

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