My Memoir, From Turmoil to Triumph, is now available!

This is my memoir of how a mechanic like me rose above poverty and chronic anxiety to build a national enterprise, and found peace with myself and my past in the process.

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I'm an author, entrepreneur, business consultant and founder of Lemon Squad.

You may never know it from looking at the outside, but I’ve struggled with anxiety and autism my entire life. I knew that unless I wrangled it and got it under control, I could never build the kind of business and life I wanted.

I am living proof that while things such as anxiety and autism may never be conquered, they CAN be managed.

I have pulled myself up out of poverty, and I have built a nationwide company that has led to a better life for my family, my employees, and myself.

Anxiety Wear

I also make custom apparel for those looking for awesome gear with anxiety-free themes.

From shirts, hoodies and hats to mugs, notebooks and other accessories, you'll find great designs that look good with any wardrobe at affordable prices.

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