Missing My Grandparents

Missing My Grandparents

In the shelter of their love, I found my way, Grandparents who raised me, come what may. With gentle hands and hearts so wise, They painted the world in loving skies.

Grandpa's laughter, a beacon of light, Guiding me through day and night. Though he left us years ago, it's true, His spirit lingers, forever in view.

Grandma's embrace, a haven so warm, Through every storm, she'd calm the swarm. But now she's gone, my heart in despair, Leaving memories and love to bear.

In their home, I found my grace, A sanctuary in their warm embrace. Their stories and wisdom, a guiding star, Shining brightly, no matter how far.

Oh, how I miss their comforting smiles, And their presence that spanned countless miles. Yet their legacy lives on in me, A tapestry of love, for all to see.

Through laughter, tears, and lessons shared, In the embrace of the love they bared. I'll carry their spirits, high and low, As I walk the path where memories flow.

In the quiet moments, I feel them near, Their whispers of love, so crystal clear. Though they've crossed over to the other side, In my heart, their love will forever abide.

So, here's to my grandparents, gone but not away, In my heart, their love will always stay. I cherish the moments, the laughter, the touch, For their love, I miss so very much.

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