Automotive Techs, Are You Ready For a Change?

Automotive Techs, Are You Ready For a Change?

Sick of being an automotive technician? I may have a solution for you.

I am Anton Dabbs, with 17 years of experience as an Auto Technician. My journey led me to establish Lemon Squad Auto Inspections, a thriving multimillion-dollar automotive inspection company. Prior to founding Lemon Squad, I embarked on a transitional phase conducting automotive inspections for various companies while maintaining my role as a technician at a local Honda dealer, primarily focusing on warranty claims. These inspections not only proved to be financially rewarding but also immensely satisfying, ultimately propelling me into a full-fledged career in the inspection industry.

Why the Shift?

The decision to transition from a technician to an inspector stems from several factors. Firstly, the demanding physical nature of the technician role takes a toll on the body, making it unsustainable for long-term commitment. Additionally, stagnant wages in comparison to other professions, coupled with the financial burden of investing in tools and equipment, make it increasingly challenging for technicians to sustain themselves. Moreover, the pressure of meeting flat-rate targets creates a stressful work environment, with disparities in workload distribution further exacerbating the situation.

Yet, Why Stay?

Despite the challenges, many technicians opt to remain in the field due to the scarcity of alternative career paths offering comparable compensation. Moreover, the specialized skill set of mechanics often limits their options for career diversification, leaving them entrenched in the automotive sector. Furthermore, the familiarity and comfort of a routine cultivated over years present a psychological barrier to seeking change.

Navigating the Inspection Industry

In the realm of automotive inspections, extended warranty companies seek to validate claims before disbursing payments, often relying on external inspection firms for verification. By affiliating with these inspection companies, individuals gain access to a steady stream of assignments within their vicinity, typically remunerated at a flat rate supplemented by mileage allowances for distant inspections. With payments disbursed bi-monthly, inspectors enjoy autonomy over their schedules, enabling them to capitalize on high-demand areas or even expand their operations by hiring additional personnel.

Are You Curious?

If you're intrigued by the prospect of transitioning into the inspection industry, I invite you to explore further on my website, Reach out to me, and I'll be delighted to guide you through the process of getting started. Embark on a rewarding journey where you're not just an inspector but the architect of your own professional destiny.

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